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$1,117 raised

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"I have had an MS diagnosis for 17 years. I was diagnosed in 2003 when I had an optic neuritis attack, but I suspect I had been living with other symptoms for longer. I experience fatigue, spasticity in my legs, weakness in my hands and arms, balance issues and various areas and degrees of numbness, loss of sensation and sensitivity.

I need to manage my time and energy to use both efficiently. I have to be careful about plans and spontaneous events which effects my social life. I only work four days a week, which has had a big financial impact over the years. I do not drive, and sometimes don’t walk easily. I have adapted to always being subconsciously aware of what my body is doing, but I remember what is was like not to have to do that.

It is great to have a Field Worker, and MS Otago determined to help me, and others like me, to live their best lives. It helps me to have access to evidence-based information and solutions, in the sea of information about MS. I think it is important to have a person to meet up with and ask questions, although online sites and support now play a more significant role than they did. I really appreciate the other people with MS who I have met through MS Otago. Over a long association with MS Otago I feel that my life with my MS is understood and supported."

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"When I was diagnosed and living with a chronic illness where no one is able to give you a prognosis, I decided not to fret or worry about the future or things beyond my control. Worry and stress don’t change anything and may provoke symptoms. I prefer to use my energy to work out and implement strategies for living well with this life – everyone has something they have to manage."

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We need your donations to continue offering a free support service that makes a genuine positive change in people’s lives.

Multiple Sclerosis Otago aims to empower people with Multiple Sclerosis and their families by providing them with professional support, education, information, and skills, to participate actively in the community in ways that are meaningful to them.

We strive to increase public awareness around MS, educating both people with MS, their families, work mates and carers on living well with Multiple Sclerosis.

Our Field Worker supports our clients by offering home visits, facilitating support groups, managing referrals to other allied health care services and support in accessing information.

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Phone:  03 455 5894

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