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"My Multiple Sclerosis journey started in 2005 when I was 20 years old, and I have been living with MS for 15 years.

It started with the sudden onset of optic neuritis, and the shocking probable diagnosis of MS. I did not have further symptoms until 22 months later when I got optic neuritis in my other eye. This attack then led to the confirmed diagnosis of relapsing-remitting MS. I live with several unseen symptoms, such as increased fatigue, altered sensation in my left arm and soles of my feet, and weakness in my left arm and leg. I started on daily medications in 2018, although I had little to no symptoms or negative impact from my MS for many years.

For those of us with MS, to live our best lives, we need to have great support networks in place. MS Bay of Plenty offers a range of resources, information and systems that are invaluable for our family members and us. Their support helps us to develop relationships and networks with others who are experiencing a similar journey. Our day-to-day living, and perception of the future, can be positively impacted by building and maintaining relationships, sharing our stories, and knowing that we are not alone."

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"At times, I may not have the energy and mental capacity to attend every social or family event or be everything for everyone around me, and that is okay. I place boundaries around my level of interactions and prioritise what is most important in my life. I now realise my MS does not define me or how I live my life. It is part of who I am, and everyone is supportive and accepting of this.

Although I feel the weight of my symptoms at times, I live a full, active, and content life by taking control of my thoughts and emotions. I choose to create and maintain a positive and optimistic outlook on life by embracing physical and emotional challenges. Being active and attending the gym, I have regained strength and mobility, and increased my confidence. I love my family and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family. I also enjoy working as a practice nurse and being involved in charities that positively impact my community."

About Us

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MS Bay of Plenty supports individuals and the wider community affected by Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, and other allied neurological disorders with information, support, and advice to enhance well-being. 

We directly and indirectly support and advocate for our clients with a variety of social needs. Our Field Workers engage with and support individual clients in their homes and places of education and employment. Providing advocacy as required, ensuring the assistance being given is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the individual person based on their personal and family situation and the level of support required. 

We work closely and collaboratively with our health and disability sector partner agencies to minimise stress and inefficiencies and to maximise the positive impact on our members wellbeing.

Our programmes and services help to improve quality of life for our clients and their families and support them to remain engaged with work, physical activities, education, community activities and engagement.

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