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"‘I had symptoms for two and a half years, before officially being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019.

I have optic neuritis where my vision loses fine detail, and I experience light sensitivity. The severity varies, but it is a daily occurrence, and even with corrective lenses, I require a 10–15 minute break to be able to read anything. 

I also have tingling and numbness in my hands and feet that are a constant irritant. It doesn’t stop me from doing anything, but I do avoid some activities that I know will make the effects stronger. These activities include running or having something like clothing brush my skin repeatedly.

Being diagnosed with MS has added a lot of additional stress and worry. It is likely that in 5–10 years, due to MS, I may be in a notably worse condition than I am today. The possibility of further loss of sight and being unable to do things that I took for granted, just a few years ago, is scary.

MS Central has been great in assisting me by providing information, answering my questions, and handing out advice. They have also helped me to see the right people for diagnosis and treatment. It has been essential to have a reliable source of information from MS Central, and the advice has given me relief. The unknown is big and scary, and 'Dr Google' can be very unhelpful at making things seem less worrisome."

About Us

We are the only organisation supporting people with Multiple Sclerosis in the Manawatu and need your support to continue to provide our services empowering those to live well with MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Central District’s mission is to ensure people with Multiple Sclerosis have access to all the information, support, and services that they need to have a good quality of life.

Our Field Worker supports people with MS in our region, supplying a service closer to home, promoting independence and providing further information, advice and support on other services available suitable to their needs.

With the appropriate support, we wish to empower people to self-manage and live well. Our society takes every opportunity possible to engage in community meetings and groups, aiming to increase the awareness and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis in our region.

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Phone: 06 357 3188  

Address: Carnation House, 51 Waldegrave Street Palmerston North, 

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