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"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September 2015 after a case of optic neuritis. 

Optic neuritis was like looking through a piece of broken glass, and everything was shattered. I also got slight tingling in my forearms and hands that was sporadic and annoying, but I was still able to function normally. My symptoms worsened with numbness and weakness in my left arm and both hands; this made life hard with a newborn, and I struggled a lot with clothing and holding items. Holding a coffee cup in my left hand was scary as I couldn’t feel it tipping over. I also had a band of numbness around my torso which felt like wearing a pair of tight, high waisted pants. 

My supportive husband and family always make sure I take good care of myself. I get frustrated when I get too tired and need to stop and rest, which can be hard with two little ones. I will be as good as gold and then suddenly hit a wall and be almost asleep on my feet. 

MS Hawke’s Bay have been amazing, with support from members and the lovely staff. A MS Field Worker came to visit me and answered my questions, and I gained a better understanding of the disease. I also communicated with other local mums who were working with young families. Having people available with knowledge and experience with MS was invaluable. It helped me to face my MS head-on and prepare myself mentally for what my future may hold. I kept my MS in mind while building a home, in case I may later need a wheelchair. I have also learned that walkers and other disability equipment are tools to help me and think, “this walker is going to help me get around” rather than feeling down.”

"I try to prioritise things and make sure I don’t wear myself out to have time with the kids. I have a positive outlook on life, and this helps me to keep things in perspective. Hearing that MS is something you will have for the rest of your life, but it is manageable with medication, has helped me to deal with my MS. I could have let my MS change my life and control me, but I have chosen to control my MS instead." 

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We need your donation to continue supporting those with Multiple Sclerosis in our community. .

Multiple Sclerosis Hawkes Bay provides information, support and advice to people and their families and carers on living well with Multiple Sclerosis.

The society is passionate about visiting people in their homes, advising, advocating, and listening, ensuring those impacted by MS have all the information on the supports and services available to them in our region.

We provide regular peer support groups to encourage active participation in our community

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