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"I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 26 years ago, but I had two very frightening years before being told.

I was still working and driving, but my mobility was deteriorating. During this time, I had numerous scans and tests. I had a dropped foot and was tripping and falling over the smallest pebble. I felt that I was at the bottom of a bottomless pit with no way out. The day I was diagnosed, I was happy to learn I was not going crazy.

I became a VHF radio operator with Marlborough-Nelson Marine Radio Association, and I have been doing this for 19 years. Knowing I could still do responsible and valuable work was wonderful. Having access to MS Marlborough helped me by having people to talk with and to get advice and help when I needed it. I have learned not to panic when experiencing a setback. MS Marlborough also provides different services and organises beneficial exercise groups and social events.

When I first joined MS Marlborough, there was little known about MS or the assistance that was available for people through the Society with MS, like me. Your donation is vital to support MS Marlborough and the services it provides and to raise awareness about MS in our community."

After my diagnosis, I used a walking stick and then crutches and a frame at home. I could not grip a cup or a pen. I became upset and frightened when I could not remember how to hold a pen. I had tunnel vision for several weeks, and when I regained full sight, everything was flat with no dimension. I experienced lots of electrical sensations throughout my body. My symptoms include spasms in my legs and ankles, bladder and bowel problems, blurred and double vision and strange feelings around my body.

Even though I have been hospitalised several times unable to move, each time I have regained my mobility. The heat can also drain my energy, making movement difficult. With my MS diagnosis, I had to adjust to physical, emotional and financial changes. It was a very traumatic time, and I would cry, thinking the quality of my life was over. However, I regained my confidence, and now I go out a lot using a mobility scooter or wheelchair."

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“Your donation is needed so MS Marlborough can continue to support people like me with vital support services and raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis in our community.” Judith

Multiple Sclerosis Marlborough offers professional support, information, and education for people with, and those providing care for people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Our Community Nurse Educator works one-to-one with clients ensuring they have all the support they need to live well with Multiple Sclerosis. Regular meetings are also held with the client’s support group to ensure they have all the assistance they need.

We provide exercise classes and keep up to date with new developments so we can continue to deliver new programmes and also advise clients of suitable treatments for their condition.

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