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"I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2007.

My symptoms include fatigue, brain fog and numbness in my legs. These issues make it difficult to make plans and it depends on how I feel when I wake up as to what the day holds for me. Before MS, I could spend a full day in the garden unassisted and be proud of my achievements. Now I must pace myself to complete activities, although that doesn’t always work out either, so I have to take each day as it unfolds. 

When I tell people that I have MS the reply is often, “You don’t look sick, you look so normal.” I am not sure what normal is anymore. I only know that my life before MS was a lot more active and productive. Now I tire easily. I had to resign from my job due to MS, and therefore, I had to make lifestyle changes. I get very frustrated that I cannot do all the things that I used to do. 

The support from MS Northland has been great. When I was first diagnosed the MS Northland Society Field Worker was more than willing to come to my home and discuss MS with family and friends and answer any questions we had. It is nice to know that I am not alone. I can contact MS Northland for information, help and support at any time."

About Us

Donate today so we can support those with Multiple Sclerosis in our region, throughout the length of their MS journey.

Multiple Sclerosis Northland supports clients affected by Multiple Sclerosis with information, advice, home visits, liaison with health and welfare service providers and access to other suitable services and activities available within our region. 

Our Field Worker covers a wide demographic area from Cape Reinga to Wellsford, coast to coast, visiting clients encouraging them to participate in local community activities that suit their needs.

Through our work, we wish to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis in our community, support research in the search for a cure and to support those living with MS from initial diagnosis throughout the length of their MS journey.

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