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"I was diagnosed seven years ago after having two attacks, one of which was severe, in 2013.

The main issue for me is neurological fatigue, along with trouble 'thinking on my feet' and dealing with stressful situations. I got incredibly stressed at one point over lockdown and had tingling and numbness where I had never had it before. I still get slight nystagmus or pulsing in my eye tracking when I am tired. People have no idea I have MS unless I tell them. I think some people find it hard to believe I do have MS and harder to believe that seven years ago, I had trouble walking, seeing and keeping my balance.

I was encouraged by MS South Canterbury to follow a long-held dream to study to be a naturopath and medical herbalist. I applied for the MSNZ’s Dorothy Newman Scholarship, and I was awarded it in 2015. I am now a naturopath and medical herbalist, and I feel I have a future in my job. Now I feel like I can support others with my knowledge. I doubt I would have felt up to challenging myself if I had not had that support. I receive a lot of good ideas that I take on board, and if I am feeling upset about something, I get treated with compassion. I feel like I have got some backup. There is some excellent knowledge about people to contact if I have a rough patch with my health, and it is great to know there are others in my community who know what it is like for me.

Your support and donation will help MS South Canterbury to keep supporting me, and others like me, who need encouragement and opportunities to fulfil our life-long dreams."

"Sometimes it feels like I am on a treadmill and going nowhere. Those are the times it is harder to think positively, but I make myself turn my thoughts around as being negative is no help to me or anyone at all. I have made some wonderful friends who are in the same boat. There is no need to explain what is going on as they understand."

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“Your donation will support people with Multiple Sclerosis to lead independent, active and fulfilling lives.

MS South Canterbury provides support, education, and advocacy for people with Multiple Sclerosis and their support networks including whanau, carers and employers.

We foster and encourage the creation of opportunities for people with MS and empower them to take control of their own well-being. With ongoing support and opportunities provided by our Field Worker, people with Multiple Sclerosis are encouraged to lead independent, active and fulfilling lives.

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