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After experiencing a range of physical and cognitive issues for 7-8 years, I was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, at age 53. In 2014, I found I could no longer perform my work, as a commercial property consultant, negotiating and managing large scale development projects at a satisfactory level. One of the hidden symptoms of MS is cognitive impairment, commonly referred to as ‘brain fog’. Understanding or completing simple everyday tasks becomes more difficult and can lead to poor decision-making.

I count myself lucky that I had many good years, as many people with MS reach the stage I am at, at a much younger age. Once diagnosed, I felt very much on my own so getting support from experienced and knowledgeable people in MS Wellington was particularly important for me. MS Wellington organises support group meetings, keeps me up to date with new therapies and assists me when medical specialist care is required.

I was an active runner and cyclist, rode a motorcycle and hunted and tramped. From the time of diagnosis, I mentally prepared myself for the physical deterioration, but not the change in my brain function that could impact my life. However, my reduced ability to function, as I had before, resulted in frustration and irritability. My power to comprehend the words and actions of those closest to me affected my personal relationships.

About Us

We are the only organisation providing a valuable and free service for people with Multiple Sclerosis, their families, and whanau in the Wellington region. By donating you are helping people with MS live their best life, stay connected and be empowered. We thank you very much.

At MS Wellington we want people with Multiple Sclerosis to feel supported and empowered with practical and appropriate information to be able to live their best life. Our aim is to provide:

  • a greater awareness of MS as a condition
  • an appreciation of how MS affects people differently
  • knowledge about symptom management 
  • an understanding of the treatments, therapies, and supports available
  • targeted referrals for quicker diagnosis of those newly diagnosed and;
  • education on entitlements.

Our team has a positive impact within our local community by working with people with MS and health services. We have three MS Community Advisors covering the Wellington region providing a free service for people with MS, their families, and whanau. 

We work with people with MS at their pace, on their goals and their needs. We will advise, guide, inform, educate, and provide advocacy for people with MS and be available on an on-going basis when needed.

Our Team of MS Community Advisors also work with Neurology, General Practitioners, Allied Health Professionals and Care Providers to raise awareness and educate on MS.

We also facilitate regular support groups where people can connect, share, and enjoy each other’s company. Connecting individuals with others to discuss specific needs such as different forms of treatment, new Mums with MS, partners, or carers of people with MS experiencing different challenges and wanting support.

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