Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand

At Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand we are passionate about supporting the 4000 New Zealanders nationwide to have access to the best information, services, treatments and supports they need to live well with their diagnosis, maintaining and improving their life-long brain health.

Since 1967, MSNZ has been supporting our members, 18 independent Regional Societies, to meet the needs of people with MS, their families and carers through national leadership, advocacy, communication, and national and international collaboration.

This Awareness Week we will introduce you to New Zealanders who are proud to be a 'Face of MS' showing how Multiple Sclerosis impacts them, the lives of their families, the support that they receive from their MS Regional Society and why they need your help. See faces here.

Our organisation

  • Advocates on national issues impacting the wider MS community. Recent focusses have included widening access to highly effective treatments and improving access to vital services for earlier diagnosis and improved life-long condition management.
  • Raises awareness for Multiple Sclerosis as a chronic condition affecting New Zealanders and highlighting the needs of those impacted by the condition
  • Provides free to access information on understanding, managing and living well with MS
  • Offers a free helpline and online tools to connect those looking for support with their local providers
  • Funds scholarships to keep people with MS in paid employment
  • Supports 18 independent member organisations with operational and governance needs
  • Provides leadership to model best practice to improve outcomes for people with MS
  • Organises educational training opportunities for member support staff providing community-based services for people living with MS
  • Works collaboratively with relevant partners to identify and develop tools to support self-management of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Collaborates with other organisations to increase opportunities for positive engagement and living well with MS

Please consider making a donation today to Multiple Sclerosis New Zealand so we can continue to make a positive impact


Will help us continue to advocate for New Zealanders to access treatment earlier


Will support someone with MS to stay in paid employment


Will subsidise annual education to a local support worker


Will provide information books to a newly diagnosed person with MS


Will enable people to call our free helpline and be connected to support


Will help us raise awareness for MS


Phone: 0800 MS LINE | 0800 67 54 63

Address: PO Box 1192, Christchurch 8140



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