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I am delighted to be supporting Multiple Sclerosis News Zealand and MS Taranaki by participating in Bangers to Bluff 2024, where teams are challenged to drive a ‘banger’ from Auckland to Bluff, on roads less travelled.

To spread awareness of MS, I will head out at the crack of dawn, ahead of the rally bangers, to cycle as far as possible before getting caught (weather permitting!). Last year this was between 20-40km per day.

Who will get furthest? The ‘banger’ or the bike?


In my early days of diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS, I was told the importance of exercise to take control of this condition. “Use it or lose it” the Neurological Physiotherapists said. So it really was a no-brainer, neurological condition and all, to pursue cycling as my exercise vehicle.

My reasons for attempting this are 3 fold; to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, to raise money for the combined Bangers to Bluff charities and, lastly, quite simply, because exercise is medicine.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rick P

Have a great trip Graham. An awesome way to raise funds and awareness for MSNZ. Keep up the exercise. Safe travels.


Sonja Vennik

You are an outstanding example & a hard working advocate, who walks-the-walk & talks-the-talk 😎👍 Wishing you the beat of everything, as you head on the road challenge trip 🚴✅


Anne N Peter Hawkins

Go well Graham



You’re an inspiration, thanks Graham for your support in our fundraising bid. Keep safe and have a blast!


Sue Chapman


Mary Eden


Gail Christiansen

Such and inspirational man. A real role model. Let nothing stand in your way. A positive attitude will win the day. MS couldn't have a better spokesperson.



Good on you Graham !


Emily Muggeridge

Thank you for your support of those impacted by Multiple Sclerosis, you are a true inspiration.

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