Who will get furthest?
The ‘banger’ or the bike?

Follow Graham's progress as he attempts to cycle 240kms in 12 days!

Why not pledge a certain amount for every KM Graham rides? If you pledge $1 per KM your maximum donation would be $240. You can follow Graham’s progress with regular updates below or on our Facebook Page. On completion of the journey to Wellington we will email you the total KMs Graham has ridden and our bank account details where you can deposit your donation. Email us with your pledge today at info@msnz.org.nz

Who will get furthest? The ‘banger’ or the bike?

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We are delighted to announce that Graham cycled an amazing 286.52km over the 12 day rally.

If we include the Auckland prologue the total comes to an even more impressive 302km.

Thank you Graham for showing us that "exercise is medicine".

Current Pledges

Thank you to those that have pledged their support of Graham's challenge so far:

Neil - "I pledge $2 per km for Graham’s ride".

Ray & Nathlie - "We pledge to donate $2 per km ridden; go well Graham!"

Lois & Bob- "We pledge twenty cents per kilometre for Graham".

Vicky- "Happy to pledge 50cents per km cycled".


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay for giving us the opportunity to be one of the masthead charities selected for this event, to our sponsors for supporting our 'banger' and to you for joining us to make a difference, supporting us on our journey.

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